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At Rikki Marcone Floral & Event Design Studio, our mission is to provide artistic and unique floral pieces that create memorable aesthetic experiences for your senses.⠀

When you choose Rikki Marcone Floral & Event Design, you are choosing a small-business that is eco-conscious and dedicated to sustainability. We source our flowers from local, artisanal farmers in Ontario and use imports only when necessary. We believe in supporting our local family-run farms first and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. We do not use flower foam in our designs as it is known to spread microplastics through our delicate waterways.⠀

Our flowers are for every person, regardless of their race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We are in the business of making our world a better place and standing on the right side of change.⠀

About Rikki
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Rikki Marcone was born with an eye for design and an unwavering desire to explore. This instinctive longing led her down a journey of self-exploration through travel, mindful meditation and self-reflection.⠀

Inspired by the design principles of Wabi-Sabi, Rikki has fond admiration for the unpredictability of nature and all the stages of its lifecycle from bud to wilt. Her designs are purposefully curated moments and she is moved by irregularities + uniqueness. Caterpillar holes in foliage and crooked bends in branches make her heart sing.⠀

rikki marcone head shot